Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fred Hahn, Champion of US Route 6, Passed Away Today, June 11, 2014

Fred Hahn was a champion of US Route 6, particularly in his home-state of California. I met Fred at the tail end of my trip across the country in the summer of 2011 and he was generous, enthusiastic and extremely nice.
According to Russ Lombard, Director of the US Route 6 Tourist Association,

 "Fred was the person who made sure no-one filming for movies or TV was injured during those special (pyrotechnics) effects. He represented the insurance companies when filming was done on locations outside the studios. His approval was required before the filming of burning buildings and explosions, etc. He is also retired from the County of Los Angeles Fire Dept. and past two term Mayor of the City of Lancaster."

Fred Hahn passed away last night and his great energy and friendliness will be sorely missed.
Rest in Peace, Fred.

Fred Hahn and friend with Malerie Yolen-Cohen in Lancaster, CA

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