Friday, May 31, 2013

Los Angeles Rocks and Roads Blog Features US Route 6 in California

Geologist Michael Ballard writes about the history of both the landscape and roadways in Southern California.  This time, he takes on US Route 6 in a blog post on Los Angeles Rocks and Roads. I present the Intro, but to read the complete post, Click Here.

               Virtual Tour of US 6
The road that was to become US 6 in the Santa Clarita area was first constructed as the Mint Canyon Road in 1921. To travel to the Antelope Valley from Los Angeles then one would to have traveled via San Fernando Road to Saugus, Soledad Canyon Road to Solemint and then onto the Mint Canyon Road. During this time, the road from Mojave to Bishop was known as El Camino Sierra, or The Sierra Highway. It was also known as the Midland Trail. In 1938, a bypass around Newhall and Saugus was built from San Fernando Road to Soledad Canyon Road. Also during the same year, the Newhall Tunnel, originally built in 1910, was removed and the road through Newhall Pass was widened to four lanes. This route would remain the main highway to the north from Los Angeles to the Antelope Valley and beyond until 1963.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

News From Across the USA on US Route 6; Facebook Updates

  • From my good friend, Danbury Asst. Fire Chief, Bernie Meehan:
    4 hours ago
    Story of the pewter flag. On 9/11/01 our world changed. For me, I lost a good friend, a firefighter, and along with all Americans we struggled to find our new path. Everyone was scrambling to find American Flags for their houses, cars, and uniforms. With the lack of patriotism over the previous few years, there was actually a shortage of flags to go around. I found a small pewter flag at Woodbury Pewter and pinned it to my uniform. Over the years, I generally have some small pin on my uniform; the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, or something. After the Boston Bombing, I knew there'd be another surge of patriotism, even if only for a short while, so I pinned that little pewter flag back on my duty uniform.
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  • Mizpah Hotel - NEVADA
    Mizpah Fun Fact: In the 1950s and 1960s, "Mizpah Andy" Anderson greeted visitors at the Mizpah and Tonopah, spinning tales of the past. He walked with his burro in local parades, becoming a symbol of the hotel and the town, until his death in 1971.
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  • Cornfield 500 - PENNSYLVANIA
    Putting the finishing touches on the 13th Annual Cornfield 500 Show, and its gonna be a Big One! Will be posting information every day, and announcing a chance to win FREE Admission tickets weekly!
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  • Runza Restaurants - NEBRASKA
    Snow in May? This calls for a warm Runza® Sandwich, Frings and an Onion Ring Dip. Runzatics® are resilient, we will survive this last blast of winter. Bring it on!
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  • Beautiful morning here at Living History Farms! We're open and ready for you to visit!
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  • Boys Town - NEBRASKA
    “It costs so little to teach a child to love, and so much to teach him to hate.” -- Father Flanagan
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  • Taste of the World food fair, Kinderplatz, Maipole dancing, strolling yodelers, what does this all mean? FUN! Join us for Maifest this weekend!
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