Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Westernaire Weighs in on Her Great Experience Outside of Denver, CO on US Route 6

Today, I received this message from a reader who commented on my initial Westernaire's Write Up.
Over 1,000 Westernaires, ages 9 - 19,  learn responsibility and earn respect through horsemanship, and three years ago, I was honored to watch one of their top performing groups drill while the sun set over the Rocky Mountains in the background. It was spine-tingling.

Thank you to Westernaire, Rayne Veazey, for the comment that I've copied in its entirety below:

I am a Westernaire, I will be in my fifth year in September. Right now I am a Shadow Rider. I came across your blog and I thought you captured Westernaires perfectly. We learn horsemanship, discipline, and basic integrity. We also learn confidence, I was really shy when I started Westernaires and after having to go talk to strangers in order to sell tickets for Annual Show and therefore I have become more confident. I hope that you come to visit sometime again, we have some new baby ponies one is named Queen of Spades (we call her Queenie), the other one is named Eclipse (she was born the night of the eclipse), they were born a few days apart. Westernaires is doing really well, maybe you should come visit and see how its doing for your self. THANK YOU!!! - Rayne Veazey