Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dennis, MA to Eastham, MA on Old Route 6: The Getaway Mavens Trace Route 6 in New England

WHY GO: The light.  The clam shacks.  The breathtaking salt marshes.  All that is authentic Cape Cod is concentrated along this magnificent stretch of old Route 6A, where you can indulge in great art followed by exquisite meals and then spend a night amid the splendor
DO: Bike the 22 Mile (each way) Cape Cod Rail TrailThe well-maintained flat and paved 22-mile Cape Cod Rail Trail runs from Dennis to Wellfleet.  No worries if you don’t have a bicycle; there are plenty of places to rent along the trail. At Cape Cod Rail Trail Bike and Kayak in 
Brewster, you can park for free, rent a bike for $30 for the day and start on the trail right out back.  You’ll share this popular path with tots and seniors – it’s the perfect “leg stretcher” before retiring for the night nearby.
sand, dunes and ocean to the horizon on Cape Cod, MA
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Monday, January 20, 2014 Provides Great Offbeat Tips on US Route 6 Towns in New England, New York and PA

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WHY GO: Provincetown, MA on the tip of Cape Cod is high energy and gay in all definitions of that word. It’s beautiful, fun and free-spirited; perfect for like-minded souls. Once a maritime center, and where the tired Pilgrims on the Mayflower originally landed, Provincetown began to draw actors and artists when “alternate lifestyles” were best left to edge of earth locales.  Now, it seems, everyone – gay or straight – wants in on the action.  If it’s your wish to rub elbows and other body parts with as many people as possible, come “in-season” – end of Spring to early Fall.  Otherwise, enjoy Provincetown’s quiet history and world famous dunes when the weather chills.
bird's eye shot of town, Atlantic Ocean, beach and sand dunes

Things To Do In Provincetown MA

CLIMB: Pilgrim Monument For an overview of Provincetown and much of the Cape, there’s no better perspective than from the top of the Pilgrim Monument, the tallest all-granite structure in the United States completed in 1910 to commemorate the Mayflower’s 102 passengers who took solace on these shores. After climbing the 252 foot tower (116 steps connecting 60 ramps), spend some time in the “Grandma’s attic of P’Town,” the adjoining Provincetown Museum, which highlights early Native American life, Pilgrim days, whaling and fishing industries and the influx of artists. A Mayflower replica, Provincetown’s first horse-drawn fire engine and mock-ups of both a Captain’s home and ship Captain’s Quarters take center stage. But allow time to poke around for little gems, like the photograph of a blackface Eugene O’Neil who appeared as a “Negro Sailor” in his play, The Thirst, originally staged in Provincetown. $12 adults, $4 children, Memorial Day to Labor Day 9am-7pm, check website for other times of year.
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