Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Lodging Bang For The Buck on US Route 6; Would You Believe $85 Per Room Per Night In Desirable Resort Region?

US Route 6 begins in the spot where the Mayflower Pilgrims first landed (and where Drag Queens now reign) - in Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod.  "The Cape," as residents and frequent guests call it, overflows with tourists in the summer.  In July and August all of Cape Cod is particularly crowded and, following the seasonal resort formula for supply and demand, hotels, inns and B&B's jack up prices to extraordinary heights.  Even Motel 6 type places can command upwards of $200 per night.

Old Sea Pines Inn
Brewster, MA
So, it is my pleasure to announce the most beautiful, well-run "Bang For Your Buck" Inn on all 3,652 miles of US Route 6 - which happens to be in the high-rent district of Brewster, MA in the center of Cape Cod; The Old Sea Pines Inn.  

Back in May - I had this to say about the Old Sea Pines; 

Steve Rowan, Owner
Old Sea Pines Inn
Brewster, MA
Old Sea Pines Inn;  I could look for months (or years) and not find inn owners more low-key and NICER than Steve and Michel Rowan who have kept a “resort of a former era” vibe alive at the Old Sea Pines Inn.  The name itself evokes steamer trunk stays on the Cape, and in fact this 24 room B&B used to be a boarding “Charm School” for young women.  I felt at peace as soon as I walked into my room – the Rowantree -  on the 2nd floor.  No TV.  Small sitting room, burnished wooden floorboards, floral quilts on the sleigh bed –I just felt the presence of many happy vacationers.  Each room is different, clean, and beautiful. Old Sea Pines is not on the beach.  It is not high tech or “stylish.”  “It is what it is, and we want it that way,” Michele told me. And it works. During the summer, the Rowans host a Sunday Evening Musical Dinner Theater ($58 includes dinner and a show) in the bright enclosed patio where a hot breakfast is served every morning.  Four family suites are “designed for young, happy, vibrant families,” said Steve.  And during weekends in warm months, there’s bound to be a wedding on the property.  This place is a rare find; a nurturing and “resort” getaway at more than reasonable rates. ($85 for shared bathroom - $185 per room in season, includes breakfast.)

Front Porch of Old Sea Pines Inn
Brewster, MA
Let me reiterate; if you'd like to stay in an adorable two-twin dorm-sized room (with three shared full bathrooms just steps away) and enjoy a hot breakfast for two in the morning in an inn located just a few blocks from the 22- mile Cape Cod Rail Trail and an expansive beach - for less than $100 per night per room - chose the Old Sea Pines Inn in Brewster, MA.  Family suites are also available for under $200 per night per room in season.  Best bet for a lazy early evening on the Cape; enjoy a glass of wine ($6) or a beer ($4) on a rocking chair on the porch.  

Best Lodging Bang for Buck Runner Up: Nevada Hotel, Ely, NV

Hotel Nevada
Ely, NV

Lobby of Hotel Nevada
Ely, NV

I covered the Nevada Hotel in this post back in June.  Favored by bikers and gamblers, its lobby fogged in by incessant smokers, rooms at the Nevada Hotel are better than expected; especially the "Suites" which are clean, nicely decorated and cheap.  Roughly $70 gets you a theme room, a free Margarita downstairs and a complimentary brewski across the street.



  1. These are great deals indeed. It is good to know that there are lodgings like these in US Route 6 that will save you a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of the facility and service.


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