Thursday, October 27, 2011

Roots and Wings, The Oldest and Newest Frontiers at the Beginning and End of US Route 6

By now my readers know that the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower first made landfall on what are now the dunes in Provincetown, MA.  Yes, they went on to colonize Plymouth, but these voyagers provisioned and began life in the New World on the very tip of Cape Cod that just so happens to be Mile One of US Route 6.

The Mayflower, 1620
Provincetown, MA
So, it seems fitting that if our nation's roots can be found where US Route 6 begins, our wings soar close to where US Route 6 ends - at the Air and Space Port in Mojave, CA. Commercial Airline and Cellular King, Sir Richard Branson, has been testing his latest, privately-financed space-ship, the Feather, for his fledgling spin-off, Virgin Galactic. This century's Pilgrims and Explorers, Branson and his team are at the forefront of space-exploration and commercial space-travel just 120 miles from the historic western terminus of US Route 6 in Long Beach, CA.

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