Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Westernaires Pictorial; Lakewood, CO on US Route 6

As many of my readers know, seeing the Denver, CO area Westernaires in action was one of the highlights of my US Route 6 journey and should be one of yours, too.  On any summer weekday evening, as the sun sets over the Rocky Mountains, you can watch these very talented kids working on their precision-riding.  Here's a taste of a Westernaire's day:

She's earned the Red Sweater
The Greatest Westernaire Achievement
Lakewood, CO

Westernaires Director Glen Keller with
Debbie Koop, parent and volunteer
Lakewood, CO

Westernaire's Museum
Everyone in the Program Must Visit
Lakewood, CO

Museum Murals Painted by young Westernaires
Lakewood, CO

Westernaire's Tack Room
Lakewood, CO

Studying Up On the Saddle
Westernaires Must Learn All About Equipment Before
Getting on a Horse
Lakewood, CO

A "Tenderfoot" Board Meeting
Westernaires; Lakewood, CO

Newborn Foal
Westernaire's Stable
Lakewood, CO

Westernaire's Entering the Arena
Lakewood, CO

Younger Westernaires Drilling in the Setting Sun
Lakewood, CO

Aspiring To Be on the Red Team
Young Westernaires
Lakewood, CO

Goodnight Rockies
View From the Westernaires Practice Ring
Lakewood, CO

Westernaire's Taxi
Lakewood, CO

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