Saturday, March 16, 2013

Congratulations "Rambler" Steve Austin and Thunder Press For Being the First to Follow The Guidebook Stay On Route 6 And Write About It!

It has come to the point where Stay on US Route 6; Your Guide To All 3,652 Miles of Transcontinental Route 6 has been available long enough for readers to actually plan and execute a coast to coast trip based on it.  For the most part, I have no way of knowing how many people have or plan to actually do this.  But thanks to "Google Alerts" I can find those who do and then write about it.

The first person to do so is a biker named "Rambler" Steve Austin who penned this account of his trip from the beaches of California to the beaches of Cape Cod.

One excerpt;

Stumbling along the back roads of discovery is OK, but guided discovery along that same road will often prevent missing some of the more important areas along the way like the World’s Largest Ball of String or, in the case of Route 6, the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps. You might even learn a little-known historical fact like Plymouth Rock being the Pilgrims’ second landfall, not their first. I enlisted the aid of a book entitled Stay on Route 6, by Malerie D Yolen-Cohen, to help me with this research. Actually, she had already done the research—I just needed to read her book. The author traveled Route 6 from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Long Beach, California, so I had to reverse all the directions, but she had all of the little tidbits I might have missed including directions through Los Angeles along the original route.

Thanks Rambling Steve!  See you on Six!

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  1. In 1911 an enterprising printing company, Huebinger's, recognized the need for MAPS of the dirt roads that connected small towns & hamlets to cities in our nation. They created a map book of the "Trans-Continental Route" that linked Omaha-Lincoln-Denver.
    That 'Route', originally called the OLD - later the DLD (Detroit-Lincoln-Denver) grew to become US 6, the 3,652 mile highway from Cape Cod MA to California . . traversing through the historic community of Ashland NE 68003.
    In June of 2011 Malerie Yolen-Cohen traveled through Historic Ashland NE, while researching her new travel guide; 'Stay On Route 6" which was published in 2012 & is available now.
    The folks in 1911 depended on Huebinger's map - today folks like 'Rambler' Steve Austin & Thunder Press depend on Malerie's new 'Stay on Route 6' guide to traverse the nation - with pictures of historic & interesting places to visit & see on Route 6.
    THANK YOU MALERIE, for your wonderful UPDATED publication of the 'don't miss' stops along Historic Route 6.
    "Huebinger's" would be proud !
    Historic Ashland NE is very proud to have had the privilege of your visit here & is also proud to have been included in your Stay On Route travel guide! We look forward to your visit for the book signing tour
    Our brass band awaits


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