Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tragedy on US Route 6

About 30 miles West of Denver, CO, Loveland Pass is the highest and one of the most thrilling stretches of transcontinental US Route 6.  Now, it's one of the most deadly.

Loveland Pass, US Route 6, Colorado
Yesterday, five snowboarders were killed when an avalanche swept over Route 6 near the Continental Divide, necessitating closure of the road for hours.  My prayers go out to their families.

To all of my readers, please be careful, when driving, when skiing and particularly when snowboarding in backcountry areas  As you can see, even "Avalanche Beacons" and preparation will not help in all cases.

Photo Is Video Still from Gannett Media
In case anyone missed the news, according to the Associated Press;

The Colorado Department of Transportation closed U.S. Route 6, which crosses the Continental Divide near the scene of the avalanche, to facilitate the search. The pass is heavily traveled by skiers visiting nearby Arapahoe Basin ski resort.
The bodies were taken to the Clear Creek coroner’s office. The victims’ identities weren’t immediately known.
Krueger said authorities were “pretty sure” the snowboarders triggered the avalanche, which he said traveled about 1,000 feet some 100 yards off Route 6.

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