Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ashland NE in Numismatic (Money) News

This is what happens when a currency expert and historian, with a penchant for antique bank buildings, finds an awesome one - in an unlikely place. In this case - Ashland, Nebraska, on US Route 6. Read the complete article HERE.

Classic Ashland bank survives
By Mark Hotz
June 30, 2017

For this month’s article, I perused my file of vintage photos of national banks for one that was both appealing and still standing. More often that not, an attractive national bank that existed in 1920 no longer stands in its small town. I was rewarded when I looked at Ashland, Neb., a town we will visit this month.

Ashland is a small city in Saunders County, smack-dab in the center of the eastern part of the state. Saunders County was established by an 1856 act of the Nebraska Territorial Legislature and later organized in 1866; its boundaries were redefined in 1858.

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