Saturday, September 17, 2011

Google Alerts and Readers Comments; Staying Current on US Route 6

US Route 6 is a both a timeline of US history and forever changing through time.  Though my six week trip remains in my rear view mirror, it has hardly faded from my memory.  I'm constantly updated on goings-on through friends I met along the way, readers comments and Google Alerts.

Most Google Alerts have to do with ho-hum roadwork.  There seems to be plenty of infrastructure rebuilding on this old highway.  I saw lots of it going on back in May and June, necessitating several long detours (well-marked for the most part).  Other alerts have to do with building permits and commercial activity along the road.

I also read about deadly car and motorcycle crashes - generally in the Eastern part of the country. (Route 6 isn't called "Suicide Six" in Connecticut for nothing). For the most part, these crashes involve pedestrians or other vehicles, with one glaring exception.

Hallet's Ice Cream
Cape Cod, MA
In the wee hours of August 3rd, a drunk teen drove through a plate glass window,  demolishing one of the oldest ice-cream soda fountains in the country: Hallett's.

 Back in May - on the first day of my cross country drive, I wrote the following and took video - and devotees of this old fashioned ice-cream shop swear it will be rebuilt.  But the old Hallet's of Cape Cod will never be the same again:

Share a decadently awewome old-fashioned ice-cream soda at 100-year-old Hallet’s, 139 Main St. Yarmouthport,  which has been dishing out hand-mixed ice-cream sodas for over 100 years. If those wide, warped original floorboards could talk, they’d expound upon the generations of soda-fountain lovers who stopped in for a cool, creamy, sinful sip. Still in operation by members of the Hallet family, come soon for one of the best ICS’s you’ll ever draw through a straw.

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