Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harps, Harmonicas and Harmonies on US Route 6

Music; Scheduled, Random, Classical, Rock and Kitsch on Route 6

Post Office Cabaret
Provincetown, MA

ICONS - Post Office Cabaret
Provincetown, MA

ICONS - Post Office Cabaret
Provincetown, MA
1.  The Post Office Cabaret;  Provincetown, MA.  It’s raining Drag Queens in Provincetown, MA – the official beginning (or end) of US Route 6.  Some are so amazingly talented, they warrant their own show.  I happened to be lucky enough to catch ICONS at the Post Office Cafe– a side-splitting lip-syncing send-up of Madonna, Brittney, Whitney, Kelly, Gaga and other troubled and self-involved pop luminaries.  Four men – two gorgeous, two hubba-hubba hunks – prance, gyrate, flip hair, flex six-pack abs and otherwise entertain formidably for over an hour.  All I can say is “wow.”  Even my not-easily-impressed college sons had a great time.

2.   Dave Darby; Harmonica, Vocals at Mulligans in Coal Valley, Iowa.  Dave is Iowa’s Route 6 Director, photographer and champion   He also happens to be a guest vocalist and mouth-harp player in the band, Identity Crisis.  I came along to watch him do his thing – a very fun evening of no wine, no women, just song….and beer.  

3.    Katherine Siochi, student at Julliard, NYC, Harp- Chestnut Charm B&B, Atlantic, IA.  A fortuitous, random encounter led to my videotaping this quite bewitching practice session.  Mother/Daughter team Katherine and Ann Succi were the only other guests besides me at the Chestnut Charm B&B.  Before heading to NYC and her first year at Julliard, Katherine spent the summer competing and performing around the county.  Here, she was getting ready to perform in national musical competition nearby and permitted me to capture her on video, much to my delight.  Sometimes, serendipity trumps travel planning for sublime moments.

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    Its really amazing to me.


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