Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fracking Vs. Hunting on PA's US Route 6; Video of Dust-Choked Roads

Todays New York Times featured a National Section Front Page piece titled "Gas Drillers Invade Hunters' Pennsylvania Paradise."  Embedded within the story is a map magnifying Potter County, and specifically Coudersport, highlighting also a nice, clear Route 6 shield.  That natural gas drillers have taken over this area of PA's Route 6 should come as no surprise to my readers. I wrote about the hydraulic fracturing controversy, and spoke to those it effected both before and during my trip with inconclusive results.

As I made my way across country on US Route 6, I took daily videos through my windshield.  As you can see from the last few minutes (around 4:45 mark) of these snippets of the Hawley to Wellsboro segment, natural gas extraction might be an economic boon to "G-d's Country," PA, but it is also a dirty, dusty business (at least while clearing and drilling).

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