Friday, November 18, 2011

Starr Restauranteur Opens Restaurant Named Route 6 Nowhere Near the Real Deal; Starr Restaurants Mogel Stephen Starr Opens Route 6 in Philadelphia Today

We've all known about US Route 6 for awhile now, but The Grand Army of the Republic Highway is gaining notice far from its northern transcontinental route.

Notable East Coast restauranteur Stephen Starr wanted to include a seafood place among his other hotspots in Philly, New York, DC and Florida, and the name Route 6 came to mind because "Route 6 is the main road through Cape Cod."  Little did he (or his PR people) know that the Route 6 in Cape Cod extends all the way to California, and ironically runs 440 miles along the northern border of Pennsylvania.

No matter.  They will soon.  Meanwhile, when you're in town, try a lobsta or fried clam with a swig of specially brewed, unfiltered Rye ESB called Route 6 Ale, at the one and only Route 6 in Philadelphia!
I wish it many successful years!

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