Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hudson River Route 6 Shut Down For A Few Hours Due To Overturned Gravel Truck

Thanks to the techies who developed "Google Alerts" - I can keep up to date with my favorite US Route 6/ US Highway 6/ Grand Army of the Republic Highway/ Roosevelt Highway; all the names that US Route 6 goes by from Massachusetts to California.

Of late, there have been several fatalities on the road - a few pedestrians and some car accidents - most likely due to early darkness on a busy highway.

On Route 6/202 Approaching Bear Mountain Bridge
Photo from Journal News
Yesterday, however, an accident on one of my very favorite stretches of US Route 6 - the few miles out of Peekskill, NY where it pairs with Rt. 202 as it follows the wide Hudson River on curves and switchbacks through bluffs before winding down to the scenic Bear Mountain Bridge - closed the road down in both directions for a few hours.  Click on here for the newspaper and video.  A gravel truck just missed negotiating one of those turns and fell over, spewing crushed rock all over the road.  Fortunately, the driver was OK and no other vehicles were involved.

Having done that drive many times, I'm surprised that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often.  It is a breathtaking section of Route 6, but can be dangerous with lots of truck traffic.  I'm including the video I took of that section of the drive below. It begins in Newtown, CT and ends just over the Bear Mountain Bridge....

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