Monday, December 19, 2011

Top Five Small Town Bakeries - On US Route 6

Many small towns in America seem to have that one place where everyone shows up in the morning for coffee, conversation and a perfect, signature baked item.  On my road trip across America, I asked locals in every town to point me to that special bakery.  Here are five of the best on US Route 6:

1.  PB Boulangerie Bistro, South Wellfleet, MA; A 22 mile bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail deserves a reward, and there's no better treat than an authentic, flakey croissant or French pastry.  This newcomer has become an instant hit on "The Cape."

PB Boulangerie
S. Wellfleet, MA

2. Buckie's Underground Bakery, Dennis, MA; Grab a signature “Nutmeg Muffin;" dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar, it will undermine your diet for sure. No wonder the place is packed every morning.

"Nutmeg Muffin" at Buckie's Underground Bakery
Dennis, MA

3.  Danish Maid Bakery, Grinnell, IA; Do what the locals do and buy a “Coney” – a whipped-cream filled √©clair glazed with icing; The Des Moines Register named eating a Coney from Danish Maid “one of the 100 things you must do before you die."

Coney @ Danish Maid Bakery
Grinnell, IA

4. Sehnert’s Bakery and Bieroc Caf√©, McCook, NE;; You can't leave town without trying a Bieroc - a hot calzone-like meat and cabbage pocket - or anything else that comes out of the oven in this 50 plus year old Nebraska institution.

Sehnert's Bakery and Bieroc Cafe
McCook, NE

5.  Erick Schat’s Bakery, Bishop, CA, “Home of the Original Sheepherder Bread" since 1938, Schat's is an "artisanal" bakery in the foothills of the Eastern Sierras.

Erick Schat’s Bakery, Bishop, CA


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