Monday, January 28, 2013

Other Bloggers Weigh In on US Route 6 Cities and Hotspots

I started this blog in March, 2011 and in every post until now all opinions, experiences and reactions to the communities on US Route 6 have been mine.  That all changes with this post.

A young hipster named Adam, who writes a blog called Travels of Adam, let me know that he'd love to offer his opinion of one of his favorite hipster cities; Cleveland.  Yes, Cleveland, Ohio.  So, with no further adieu, here's a portion of his blog post with a link so you can continue to read his very entertaining words;

nanonbrew bar

Tremont—Cleveland’s newest hipster neighborhood

My first night in Cleveland started off with a quick visit to the Tremont neighborhood—a scenic part of Cleveland’s outskirts that was once part of a different city before being annexed to Cleveland in the 1850s. In the 20th century, the neighborhood was mostly made up of Eastern European immigrants (most notably from Poland) and today, with the influx of artists, hipsters and gentrifiers, it’s generally regarded as an up-and-coming hotspot for locals.
With farmers markets, art fairs and ethnic restaurants, Tremont is definitely the hip place to be these days in Cleveland. I walked around on a brisk, cool summer evening taking some photos and seeing what the neighborhood had to offer. The buildings were pretty (many have been restored in recent years) and the atmosphere was cozy. Lincoln Park is pretty much the historic center of Tremont and I stumbled on their farmers’ market. Plenty of art galleries and artist studios are on the streets around Lincoln Park. And for those especially ambitious tourists and movie fans, the famous Christmas Story house is located in Tremont.
For more great photos and reviews of "Hipster Cleveland" read on here.

I want to thank Adam publicly for offering a different look at the great US Route 6 city of Cleveland,
and I invite other travel bloggers to get in touch with me about other towns and cities across the country on US Route 6!

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