Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo On US Route 6

Since US Route 6 is a coast to coast highway, lots of weather events occur, to varying degrees, along its 3,205 miles.

If any of you Mid and West Coast folks pay attention to such things, you might be aware that the Northeast got slammed by Winter Storm Nemo (which of course led to millions of Finding Nemo references and jokes on social media).

I asked readers of the Stay On Route 6 Facebook Fan Page (which you are all invited to join, BTW), about snowfall in their own Route 6 towns.  According to Sandi, about 13" fell on Monroe/Harriman, NY.

Towns in Connecticut and up in Massachusetts were particularly hard hit, some with as much as 40" of snow dumped overnight.

My own deck went from this;

To this;

in a matter of hours.  (About 2 feet)

(I can hear  Colorado residents snickering, but this was a major snow event for us!)

I'd love to hear from others about their own Nemo experiences.  Comment here or on Facebook and I will incorporate answers into future posts.

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