Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getaway Mavens Cover PA US Route 6: Wellsboro to Smethport PA

WHY GO: This 70 mile stretch of PA’s US Route 6 takes you back the kind of vacation you might have experienced in your long-ago childhood. Drive through rolling, emerald hills- very much like those of the Blue Ridge Parkway: Each twist and turn offers stunning views, and every once in awhile a slice of small town life. You’ve reached the eastern border of the PA Wilds and the Allegheny National Forest that theMavens covered HERE.

Wellsboro to Smethport on US Route 6 in PA

PA Grand Canyon, Colton Point SP
Pine Creek Gorge, PA’s Grand Canyon, Colton Point SP
STOP: About 11 miles west of Wellsboro, turn left off of Route 6 onto Forest Rd. It’s a 5-mile detour (10 mile roundtrip) to see the 47-mile-long and 1,000 ft. deep Pine Creek Gorge known as The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Not as vast as its western counterpart, and far greener, it is certainly worth the extra 20 minutes for the exceptional vistas.
For More about this stretch of PA, consult Getaway Mavens at: http://www.getawaymavens.com/70-miles-wellsboro-smethport-us-route-6-pa/

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  1. Love your e-mails, and am looking forward to driving much more of Route 6 than I got to see the first time I went cross-country. The beautiful photo reminds me of how, eastbound on my outbound leg from Oceanside, CA, I went through Pennsylvania's Delaware Water Gap, which was so beautiful it just knocked my socks off! Thanks!


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