Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pygmy Goats Invade Route 6

Some headlines are just too weird to pass up. Found this one today in Google Alerts, and, well, you can imagine my bemusement. I'd hardly call nine to 13 goats an "invasion," but ANY Pygmy Goat sighting is definitely out of the ordinary on a federal highway. I love the fact that there's a road in Wyalusing named Bowling Alley Rd. And that it took these little goats over a month to roam just one mile.

Here's the accompanying article in its entirety. 

Pygmy Goats Invade Route 6

A number of people have been recently spotting a group of pygmy goats that have been roaming along Route 6 and the area near PenMart and Bowling Alley Road in Wyalusing Township. It is believed between nine and 13 of the goats escaped from the Wyalusing Livestock Market over a month ago, which is just one-mile down the highway.

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