Saturday, September 5, 2015

Where is Route 6 Runner, Aprylle Gilbert Now? With Me!

Several years ago, I tackled transcontinental US Route 6, known also as The Grand Army of the Republic Highway. By "tackle" I mean I drove the complete 3,652 miles in the comfort of my own car, purely for the joy and novelty of documenting the country's second longest road for my guidebook, Stay on Route 6. (Though formerly the longest American highway, it was overtaken by US Route 20 in 1964 when California renumbered its routes.)
But endurance runner and musician, Aprylle Gilbert, has been actually tackling Route 6 as earnestly and powerfully as any linebacker goes after his opponents on the football field. She is not doing it for the joy or novelty, either. She's doing it to prove that she can, and "for the kids."
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