Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making the List on US Route 6

Travel lists can seem contrived, arbitrary and even a tad gratuitous, but we all love them.  So over the next couple of months, I'll be compiling my own "Best of Route 6" lists - and you can be sure that I've personally vetted every single place/person/thing that I write about. Why over the "next couple of months? Because I'll be traveling the globe until September and that's when I'll start to put my US Route 6 Guidebook together. Until then, I'll round up my experiences into small, managable Best of inventories including:

1. Best Watering Holes (Pubs, Saloons and Bars)

2. Hands Down Best Restaurant (I already have that one chosen and it won by a mile....stay tuned)

3. Best Hotel/B&B/Lodge With Incomparable Views

4. Most Outrageous, Larger Than Life Route 6 Characters

5. Best Route 6 Company Towns (with great factory/property tours)

6. Best Places to Discover Americana on US Route 6

7. Best Old Fashioned Soda Fountains on US Route 6 (Green River Phosphates, anyone?)

8. Most Surprising Discoveries on US Route 6

9. Best Hotel Amenities on US Route 6, Including Best "Wine and Cheese Afternoon Hour"

10. Most Historic Sites on US Route 6

11. Seven Natural Wonders of US Route 6

12. Best Sleepy Towns, Best Bustling Cities on US Route 6

13. Best Route 6 Main Streets

14. Best Bakery/Pastry Shop on US Rout 6

15. Best/Most Unusual Wineries on US Route 6

Leave a comment if you have any other ideas!

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