Monday, July 25, 2011

"If You Show Me A Sign, I'll Be Willin' To Keep Moving" - Dallas Alice, Tonopah and US Route 6

Though I'm home, the road still calls.  I won't be answering for awhile, with hearth and home, family and East Coast generating equal appeal.  But it wasn't always so.  An eon ago, while in High School, I gave serious thought to becoming a truck driver, so I could satisfy my desire to explore the open road while making a living at the same time.  Back then, I'd listen to the song "Willin'" by Little Feat with welled-eyes - fully understanding the sentiments behind the words - "If You Show Me A Sign, I'll Be Willin' To Keep Moving."  Little did I know back then, that The Sign would be the US Route 6 Shield!

Back in March, I wrote this post about the Route 6, Tonopah, Little Feat connection.  In future posts, I'll feature Tonopah for reasons other than being in the trucker's anthem, "Willin."

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