Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Route 6 Professor

Curtis Roseman, Professor Emeritus of Geography at University of Southern California, is a professed Route 6 aficionado.  He and his wife live in a Route 6 community - Moline, IL - and have been driving on the historic road for over 12 years now.  They've also amassed quite a collection of Route 6 memorabilia including old postcards and photographs, many of which can be seen on their great Route 6 Website.

Curtis took on the Route 6 project because, "-it was largely ignored, it was the longest, and I lived important parts of my life on the route, in Moline, Iowa, City, Omaha, and Los Angeles." 

He's also got quite the catchphrase - one that I hope he'll allow me to adopt for my "elevator speech" when I promote US Route 6 as a cross-country drive.

"Route 6 has half the digits and twice the kicks!" -  Curtis Roseman

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