Tuesday, March 1, 2011

US Route 6 Personalities

I've arrived relatively late to the US Route 6 Appreciation Party.  Plenty of others got here before me, and I'll give them ample credit whenever credit is due.  One of the most exuberant and relentless Route 6 fans is Russell Lombard, the CEO/President of the non-profit US Route 6 Tourist Association.  He has taken on the job of promoting the Route and furthering publicity in every one of the 14 Route 6 States, to the point of establishing, on paper for now, a Historic Route 6 museum.  Russ provides me with the latest Route 6 news, links me to great historic websites (it was Russ who alerted me to the Charlie Chaplin connection), and inspires me to continue my research and trip planning.  

Naturally, I am now a Member of the Route 6 Tourist Association.  

There will be more about Russ in future posts, as well as information and links to other Route 6 Tourist Association Directors in several states.  In the meantime, poke around the Route 6 Tourist Association website for some great information about this historic coast-to-coast Federal Highway.

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