Friday, April 8, 2011

Chain Hotels and Other Fallbacks Along US Route 6

Not every Route 6 town is graced with extraordinary, fancy, individually-owned hotels, inns or B&B's - though finding those along the way is among my several quests. Whenever possible, I'll overnight or at least peek into these establishments, but there will be nights when - gasp -  I'll have to resort to staying in Chain Hotels.  This is especially true in Utah, where Route 6 manages to miss every single National Park (an enormous feat, since Utah is riddled with them), but cuts through huge swaths of BLM land. I'll pass on the run-down, seemingly filthy roadside motels (curb-appeal counts!), and unpainted sagging flop houses, thanks. (I don't mind flea market accouterments.  Just keep the fleas out of it.). In many small towns Out West, it seems, Holiday Inn Express and Best Western will be my chosen home away from home.

That said, there are B&B's with genuinely warm, grandmotherly owners, off-the-map inns with creatively themed rooms, lodging both homespun and architecturally interesting.  And I can't wait to be a pampered guest.

I'll report back on the best places to stay along Route 6........

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