Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That's the Smell of Annie Oakley, Baby....Indiana Perfumery on US Route 6

Annie Oakley is not the first name that jumps to mind when thinking about perfume.

Channel, perhaps, or Dior....but Oakley?  Sure - she was gorgeous.  And talented; with a gun, on a horse, as a Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show star and Peerless Lady Wing-Shot.  But did she smell good, too?

I hope to find out in Ligonier, home base for the Annie Oakley Perfumery.  The only perfumery in the state of Indiana.  How did the owners settle on the name?  What does Eau De Sharpshooter smell like?

Logonier, IN is on US Route 6.  I'll be there in a month or so.......


  1. Congrats on an awesome blog! I was forwarded your link and plan to follow it. I grew up on 6 in Indiana-was the third generation of a truckstop/diner family on the road in LaPaz. Many thanks for celebrating the road via blog!

    Kurt Garner

  2. Hi Malerie,
    Your journey "Stay On Route 6" is very exciting!
    Our family perfumery is looking forward to your visit. If your schedule permits it would be my pleasure to entertain you during your stay. I wish you a wonderful adventure on Route 6 and I will be following your blog.
    Until then,
    Renee Gabet
    Annie Oakley Perfumery
    Ph: 260-894-7219

  3. Hi Kurt -
    Thanks for reading, and I am very much looking forward to exploring Indiana on Route 6!


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