Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duplexes and Pairs - Cross Country Route 6 Terminology

"Duplexes with." "Aligns with." "Pairs with." Merges, piggy-backs.....  You'll read these phrases a lot during my travels on US Route 6.  Never meant to be a transcontinental route, US Route 6 nevertheless became one as roadways were improved and the original Provincetown, MA to Brewster, NY Route extended westward to Long Beach, California, beginning in 1926 and fully completed in 1937; though the stretch from Delta, Utah to Ely, Nevada was a rough and tumble dirt path that could hardly be called a federal road and was not paved until 1952.  In other words, Route 6 was created from already existing state roads.

So it should surprise no one that though I'll (you'll) be following Route 6 across the USA, I'll also be riding on other highways as well.

Is Route 6 a two-lane highway?  In many places it is.  In others, it "duplexes with" interstates (most notably in Colorado on I70) and other major US routes.  In some places the current Route 6 stays on these thruways while the older 6 alignment cuts through small downtowns.  As I refuse to stay on interstates longer than I have to, I will take the "Business 6" whenever I can.

Sounds confusing?  It really isn't.  As long as you "Stay on Route 6."

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