Thursday, April 7, 2011

Museums on Route 6 Tell the Story of Each Community

In Connecticut, they are home to  "men of letters" or, more appropriately, "of words" - Mark Twain and Noah Webster.  In Colorado,  an homage to Mountaineering.  In the stark and arid land north of Los Angeles, a tribute to the Film Industry.  To what do  I refer?  Museums.  I love museums - the quirkier the better.  (Once a friend of mine proclaimed - "Mal, if there's a Museum of Wheat you'll find it!").

The kind of museum that a community supports tells a lot about that community.  Does the town lift businessmen or civil servants on pedestals? Did a certain industry or singular event put the city on the map? When I walk into a history museum or historic site or old home, I hear echos from the past and witness the things upon which locals place great importance.  And then I stop into a local restaurant or dive, start asking questions and hear another dimension to the story.

Until May 20, my blog posts will merely preview what I'm hoping and/or expecting to find on Rt. 6.  When I set out, I'll provide unadulterated first-hand accounts of my experiences  good, bad and "pass." I'm not the kind of writer who reserves judgement (and, after all, as opposed to newspaper writing which must be balanced,  judgement is what blogging is all about), and I'm very wary of hype.

As I've written before, I am not easily impressed.  But my sense of wonder is unbounded. If something is awesome, let me know it's out there.  Then, I'll see for myself.  And then I'll tell my readers.......

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  1. Don't miss the Merry-Go-Round Museum on Route 6 in Sandusky, Ohio!


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