Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monster Trucks on PA Route 6

The back page of New York Magazine consists of The Approval Matrix - a grid indicating what editors consider "highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant or despicable" each week.

Though I won't be utilizing a grid in my posts, I can tell already that my daily Route 6 jaunts will encompass sites and experiences that would fit into each of the four quadrants; highbrow brilliant, lowbrow brilliant, highbrow despicable and lowbrow despicable.

Yesterday, I learned of a Monster Truck field and gravity-defying event - called the Cornfield 500 - held on a Route 6 farm in Pennsylvania.  I'll give it "lowbrow brilliant" for the clever repurposing of fallow land (and the rolicking crowd it draws). Adding delightful deep-fried silliness to the deal; the owners of the Cornfield 500 were recently featured on  CMT's "My Big Redneck Wedding." I'm looking forward to meeting them and perhaps taking a ride. 


  1. During my undergraduate years in southwestern PA, this Yankee girl experienced her first ever jaunt into the world of Tractor Line Dancing (yes, they ride their tractors as the caller tells them where to next), "Muddin'" (basically taking any 4wheel drive vehicle on a drive through muddy fields), and train hopping, the latter being the most exciting (and dangerous). I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. Hi Logarithmic - Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading! I regret not having the chance to "Tractor Line Dance" on my way across the country. Sounds like loads of fun. Though I could skip train hopping. I'd rather step on board with everyone else!


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