Thursday, May 5, 2011

Attention US Route 6 Tweeters: Send Me Your Twitter Address

I've discovered one of the coolest, most useful Twitter tools out there:  a "daily newspaper" designed especially for me; featuring every single person and entity I follow on Twitter.  And you, too, can sign up for free at

As a travel writer, I try to dig as deeply as possible to find the most interesting and current stories out there about the places I visit.  This requires lots of communication from locals.  And one of the best and fastest ways to get that information is through Twitter.

Here's what my own "Twitter Newspaper" looks like.  If you represent a US Route 6 community and have anything to say about what's going on in your town or city, chances are I'm following you already.  But if not, provide me with your twitter name in a comment on this post, and I'll be sure to follow your tweets.  Tomorrow - you can be featured in my own custom "newspaper." 


  1. BaldwinReynolds is our Twitter Address...Thanks!

  2. Hi Malerie! For Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands region (between Cleveland and Toledo) follow @LESIWC and @LESIPR

  3. Hi Malerie,

    I'm not sure about the Twitter thing, so I'm following up here. I am an old Highway 6 lover, from 1949-50, when I lived on the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. I managed to connect with Fred Hann and Russ Lombard for the kickoff in Palmdale, CA in 2006. I just got the info about your trip from Fred. I gather that you are in the East; when do you expect to be in the Owens Valley? Maybe I can meet you somewhere there. (I'm near Sequoia Nat'l Park.)

    Be sure to get a photo of yourself at the Continental Divide sign on Highway 6; I found myself there by accident year ago.


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