Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thronging And Desolate: Preparing for the Mixed Bag of Experiences on US Route 6

Provincetown, MA from top of Pilgrim Monument
Like an Olympic athlete, I've been mentally preparing for this upcoming Six Weeks on Route 6 road trip for months now.  I see in my minds eye the lush Technicolor of the Eastern United States fading into the desolate, sepia tones of the Western desert, resort regions (Cape Cod, Lake Erie, parts of Colorado) thrumming with tourists juxtaposed with blink-and-you'll-miss-it nearly-ghost towns.  There will be nights where I'll enjoy a glass of wine in a world-class restaurant before joining clangorous crowds out on the streets, and others when I'll enjoy sunsets on remote river banks, or on the Plains, before tucking into bed early.

Nauset Light, Cape Cod, MA
As a traveler bent on exploration (as opposed to pure pleasure-seeking), I'm attracted to the oddball, the meaningful, the poignant stories.   I believe in supporting those small towns cut off from now extinct "glory-day" travel corridors
 by visiting them and spending money in Mom and Pop businesses and by seeing those sites and attractions (even if it's just one barn-side mural or the last standing grain elevator) they hold dear.  I'm downright giddy about the US Route 6 wonders in store.

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod, MA
Last weekend, I took a "pre-trip" up to Cape Cod - where Route 6 begins (or ends, depending on your orientation).  The Cape is so dense with things to experience, two days would not have even cracked the surface.  I've been writing about attractions that I deem "must-sees" for the last few days, but once I begin my road trip, I'll fill you in on the best places to stay and eat, too.

It seems no coincidence that Route 6 begins where our country's first permanent settlers landed in 1620. As I've mentioned before, the road is a timeline of American History, with trivia and surprises around every bend.  The journey begins next week......

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  1. Have a safe journey and lots of interesting encounters on your way.


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