Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks for the Road Snacks, Fairway!!

It will take me over four hours to drive to Provincetown, MA tomorrow from my city of Stamford, CT; so I had planned all along to provision here.  Not that I'll need a whole lot of "road food" in my car, since I'll be stopping at some great places to eat on US Route 6.  But for those sparse, can't find a decent place days, I'd love a few items that will get me through the hungry's.

Ever since Fairway Market moved to town, I've been a loyal shopper; the organic produce is plentiful and relatively inexpensive (compared to natural food shops), and employees are kind and helpful.  When I told them about my coast to coast road trip on US Route 6, I was invited to come by and stock up on snack items for the road - as a nice gift from Fairway.  (I don't consider this an "infomercial" because Fairway didn't pay me to write this, and I shop there weekly, anyway.  But, full disclosure,  they give me - gratis - snacks to take along on my trip.)

Thanks Robert, and thanks Fairway!  

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