Monday, May 2, 2011

Six And the Cities: The Larger Towns On US Route 6

US Route 6 is not all about small towns.  Several big cities are scattered along the way: Provincetown, Hartford, Cleveland, Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, Denver and Los Angeles to name a few.

Photo from Cleveland Leader
It is not my intention to exhaustively research each of these places - there are plenty of other guidebooks that cover much more than I can in a few days.  I DO plan to write about the important, the cool, the fresh, the lyrical, the "don't leave out if you have a day or two"stops - and leave the garden variety and boilerplate to fine-tooth-combier scribes.

Some of the cities I've noted above have been under-appreciated in national travel media, surprise, surprise.  Take Cleveland; home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Would "Rock and Roll" greats agree to be ingrained in music history in just any ole town?  Of course not.  And from the emails I've been receiving from Cleveland's tourist folk, restaurant reviews from non-pr people, and reports from friends, I expect to have an epicurean, culturally rich and rockin' good time.

Same goes for Omaha, where Businessman Superstar Warren Buffett can be found playing cards with his bridge-buddy, Bill Gates on occasion.  Who needs New York and LA when you can spot these kind of celebs in Omaha's Old Market District?

Little hamlets are quiet and genuine, and I'm looking forward to meeting the people in these smaller, hang-together-or-languish-apart communities along Route 6.  But I'm also getting psyched about a stay in some cities I've never visited.  It's all about the variety on US Route 6.

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