Saturday, May 7, 2011

Provincetown, MA; US Route 6 Mile One

Here's a taste of US Route 6 at its bitter end; Provincetown, MA.  Like any "edge of the world" community, Provincetown has drawn poets, actors, writers, artists, designers and fun-loving creatives to its shores.  Over the last 400 years, this part of Cape Cod has attracted Pilgrims of all sorts.   

 One meander down the main drag, Commercial St, (even in the quiet "shoulder season" early May) provides a glimpse of the busy season to come.  Men couples, women couples and mixed couples canoodle openly.  "It used to be a pretty solid gay population," said a local, "but we're seeing lots of young couples and couples with kids moving in.  It's nice because everyone gets along so well." I'll give sensitive travelers a word of advice; if you are in any way offended by same-sex public display of affection, please don't come to Provincetown.  You won't be happy.  

I'm spending a few extra days on Cape Cod before I leave later this month on my six week coast to coast trip.

 Pretty soon, I'll clue you in (and link you to) the best places to eat, see and stay on Route 6.  Stay tuned and enjoy these random pictures taken on a beautiful Mother's Day weekend in Provincetown, MA

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