Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eat, Write, Drive (On US Route 6)

Friends have asked if my upcoming six week road trip is some kind of therapeutic, memoir-sparking voyage of self-discovery, to which I respond, "No.  I'm gathering information about a historic road and what to do along the way.  Period."

Even if I had large issues to work out (I don't at the moment), I'm not a "licking my wounds" type of person.  If I'm in a bad mood, I search for ways to brighten it - whether through upbeat, positive company, a great meal, a good night's sleep, or a drive on a country road.  Fortunately, this "Stay On Route 6" project incorporates all of these things, and this blog provides me with the vehicle to pass my observations and suggestions on to you.

Does it sound as if I've donned one of my 347 rose-colored glasses?  Well, I've traveled enough to know that not everything will be perfect and wonderful.  As I plan to set out on this 3,652 mile drive, I face the highest prices at the gas pump in years (ever?), and a rain storm that hovers over the East Coast like the alien ship in the short-lived TV drama, V.

Eastern Terminus of Route 6, Provincetown, MA
I drive a hybrid, so that cuts down on travel costs (might I insert here a case for alternate fuels, or recommend the purchase - if you can afford it - of a hybrid).  And I can't control the weather; I can only say these moody, wet skies will lend texture to my photos and videos.

I'll drive slowly and carefully.  And I'll report back.  Keep reading.......



  1. Malerie,
    We're so excited to be able to "travel" along with you this way, without having to argue over the radio station or temperature control!!
    Wishing you safe travels -- we know it will be incredible!!
    - Wendy & Jordan

  2. Finally, FINALLY coming up for air after a labor-intensive semester to catch up on reading this very cool blog, Mal, and to wish you Godspeed on your journey! Provincetown has been dear to my heart ever since I first vacationed there as a teenager. (Fave memory: looking out my window at the White Horse Inn very early one Sunday morning to see Norman Mailer trudging by,laden w/a bulky New York Times.)Wish I could join ya! xoxo

  3. Malerie,
    I am packing up and getting ready to leave Monday and heading to PA's Route 6. It looks like the weather is going to break into sunshine and I too drive a hybrid! I am really looking forward to following your blogs and meeting up with you in Pennsylvania! Good luck as you set out!

  4. Malerie,
    We met you at Barnstable Pottery. Congratulations! What a great idea to "Stay on route 6". Barnstable Pottery and Bourbon,the pooch, are treasures you'll always remember.
    We're enjoyng your blog which is in itself a remarkable history lesson!
    Thank you...


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